Jewelry that reflects your passion

Jewelry should make you feel like your best and most supremely authentic self. Gardeners, birdwatchers, environmentalists and naturalists will find a kindred spirit at Rabbit & Wren, with lifelike jewelry that brings the beauty and personality of Virginia’s flora and fauna to any outfit.

Jewelry that fits your lifestyle

Rabbit & Wren creates light, comfortable jewelry that works with an active lifestyle. Items are strung on leather, cotton and bamboo cords, clasped with a wooden bead.

About my Materials

A few years ago, I realized that while I love jewelry, I never wore it. I had beautiful necklaces and pendants, but I never put them on – or I wore them for only an hour or two at a time.

The reason? None of my jewelry was comfortable! Stone and glass beads were heavy and pulled on my neck; metal chains were irritating; and metal clasps caught in my my hair.

I wanted to find a more comfortable way to make my jewelry wearable, so I turned to natural materials – soft leather, cotton and bamboo. I restrung focal beads on bare cord. I used short stretches of metal chain between leather laces. I created clasps from light wooden beads. The change was immediate, and the joy of jewelry returned!

Polymer clay is light and durable, and is a versatile sculpting medium for creating detailed animal jewelry. It is a plastic-like clay that can be baked in a home oven.